Imago Relationship Therapy & Couples Counselling

Falling in love is easy…staying in love is another matter.

Love is meant to bring out the best in us. We know this does not always happen.

Our intention is to be loving, compassionate and understanding but we may be locked into negative patterns that are hurtful and destructive. Our relationships may be filled with sadness, disappointment and frustration.

People usually get stuck in dead end patterns because they know no other way. The expert guidance of a psychotherapist trained in couples counselling is often necessary to break the cycle of conflict and distance.

Imago Relationship Therapy is an effective, skill based therapy designed to create stronger, more secure relationships and bring love back into your life. You will learn how to nurture, protect and grow your marriage or relationship, ensuring a lifetime of love.

The skillful handling of differences creates trust and connection, and in large part determines the depth and success of your relationship. You can transform your relationship by mastering the art of communication!


  • Freedom from blame and criticism
  • Connection after a disagreement
  • Love that accepts and honors difference
  • Confidence that you can handle any argument with respect and maturity

Through our work together you will learn to use the Imago Dialogue, a communication tool designed for couples to create connection, respect and deepen curiosity for your partner’s perspective.

Imago Relationship Therapy can help you:

  • Develop powerful skills to break the destructive cycle of hurtful communication
  • Resolve conflict and put an end to arguments
  • Re-awaken compassion and build empathy
  • Transform conflict into opportunities for deeper intimacy and connection
  • Address conflict at its root
  • Solve problems instead of pushing them aside
  • Increase loving behaviors
  • Learn new ways to have fun, romance and passion
  • Create the relationship you want and deserve

Fulfilling relationships require insight and skill. The knowledge and tools are available. Learn more about Imago Relationship Therapy and founder, Harville Hendrix and see what Oprah has to say about Imago Relationship Therapy.

Who Benefits from Imago Relationship Therapy?

Couples who want to:

  • Resolve their conflicts
  • Ensure that their connection continues and deepens
  • Enrich their marriage
  • Change course from considering a separation or divorce
  • Restructure their relationship as a co-parenting partnership

Singles who want to:

  • Understand why past relationships did not work
  • Break destructive relationship patterns
  • Create satisfying and fulfilling relationships in the future

Any relationship can be transformed using the principles and techniques of Imago Relationship Therapy, including parenting, business and family relationships.

Master the art of communication and learn how to create the relationship of your dreams!

Cheryl Woolstone is a Vancouver relationship therapist and individual counsellor with over 20 years of experience. She offers Imago Relationship Therapy for Couples and Individual Therapy and Counselling at her local Kitsilano office. Book a counselling appointment today or connect and share on Cheryl’s Thoughts on Counselling and Relationships Blog.

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