Individual Therapy & Counselling

Engage in expert therapy and counselling to:

Increase your confidence. Create enduring, vital relationships. Be in charge of your thoughts and actions!


Knowing that you can handle the challenges of everyday life
Trusting in your ability to manage difficult emotions
Developing and sustaining a meaningful intimate relationship
Eliminating symptoms of anxiety and depression
Making decisions based on self knowledge and clarity of thought
Understanding why relationships have not worked for you

Unresolved stress, depression and anxiety hinder your ability to engage in your life in a fulfilled, self-reliant manner. Living with destructive patterns, overwhelming stress, and anxiety is not an acceptable option.

A focus of counselling is to help you release your hold on behaviours and beliefs that lead you to react in unproductive ways. Ways that intensify symptoms of depression and anxiety and prevent you from establishing trusting relationships.

Extensive research has shown that positive, loving connections with others protects us from stress and helps us cope better with life’s challenges.

Imago Relationship Therapy also makes a significant contribution to understanding why your intimate relationships have not always worked. This expert knowledge will guide us to a deeper understanding of why you are not getting the love that you desire.

Together we will help you:

Become calmer and more confident
Feel hopeful about the future
Improve decision making ability
Enrich your relationships and resolve conflict
Manage difficult emotions with integrity
Overcome negative thinking
Let go of old fears and enjoy your life
Find new ways to cope with anxiety and stress
Develop profound insight into your specific relationship history and patterns

Increase your confidence, master your thoughts, and create vital relationships!

Cheryl Woolstone is a Vancouver therapist with over 20 years of experience. She offers Imago Relationship Therapy for Couples and Individual Therapy and Counselling at her local Kitsilano office. Book a counselling appointment today or connect and share on Cheryl’s Thoughts on Counselling and Relationships Blog.

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