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Viva La Difference - Cheryl Woolstone Counselling Blog

Celebrate not just tolerate difference.

This is the path to an energized partnership.

The fact that you see things differently is a strength – not a weakness.

Ironically, the things that attract us to each other in the beginning are the differences, the ways in which someone is delightfully, excitingly different.

Admiration then turns to irritation, and some of these differences are the very things that cause the greatest distress.

Living with differences and appreciating your partner’s differences is hard.

We want to mold people in our own image. When we get our security from our opinions and world view, to hear a different opinion -particularly from a partner or family member – threatens our security.

We want them to agree with us, to think the way that we think and to go along with our ideas.

Someone once said, “When everyone thinks alike, nobody thinks very much”.

Count on your partner’s difference to increase your judgement, help you make better decisions and deepen your compassion.

When two agree, one is unnecessary.

There is no synergy without difference, no creative thinking or brainstorming.

Synergy is not just teamwork or co-operation, it is the process of creating something new that was not there before.

Synergy is the magic that happens when one plus one equals three – or more. It is created out of a win-win mindset, not compromise when person is forced to give up something.

Celebration of  difference is the key to synergy.

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