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Just Let It Go Is Easy To Say

Just Let It Go - Easy For Them To Say - Cheryl Woolstone Counselling Blog

“Let It Go” often means “Get Over It”

And that’s not the most helpful thing to say.

I notice my clients will tell themselves, “I should be able to get over this” and then judge themselves harshly for being unable to do so. It’s not a matter of letting go, you would if you could.

When you move away from the confounding statement “Let It Go” then you can start to think about the idea of “Let It Be”. This changes everything. Read more »

Love TKO

Love TKO - Cheryl Woolstone Counselling Blog

Don’t keep your guard up in a relationship.

If you do, you’re guaranteed to keep the love out, too.

When it comes to love, things are not always what they seem.

Why is it that you block the love  your partner is trying to give you? You say you want to feel close and be loved, but you behave in a way that guarantees you will not feel loved? Read more »

Quick Fixes For Broken Relationships?

Is A Quick Fix Possible For A Broken Relationship - Cheryl Woolstone Counselling Blog

Is there such a thing?

There are a number of behaviours that you can change which will have an instant impact on your relationship.

What do a few of the top researchers and clinicians say about what transforms a relationship from painful and confusing to connected and secure? Read more »

I Said I Was Sorry!

What Makes For A Good Apology - Cheryl Woolstone Counselling Blog

Why does the apology fall flat?

Your heart was in the right place and your intention was pure…what went wrong?

Apology is an art form, one which can be learned.  There are some fundamental ingredients which form the basis of a genuine, non-defensive, responsible apology. Read more »

What Is Imago Relationship Therapy?

What Is Imago Therapy - Cheryl Woolstone Counselling Blog

“We wish we could bring you home!”

Before beginning my training as an IMAGO Relationship Therapist I would hear this from my couples.

Couples would leave the sessions with insight about their relationship dynamic, ideas about what to do differently but feeling ill equipped to change their behaviour in a tense moment.

I practiced traditional couples therapy for well over a decade before beginning my training in Imago Relationship Therapy. The differences in outcome for couples has been amazing! Couples are given new skills, new ways of listening and relating.

What does the term IMAGO mean? What is IMAGO Relationship Therapy? Here is the Coles Notes version… Read more »

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