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Mirror Mirror on the Wall - Cheryl Woolstone Counselling Blog

What do you see when you look in the mirror?

When you alter your relationship with yourself, your external world will be altered accordingly.

The issues in our relationships are mirroring back to us our internal issues with ourselves. If you are having difficulty sustaining intimate, nurturing and committed relationships: the place to look is your relationship with yourself.

In what ways am I failing to love, nurture and commit to myself?

If you hear yourself complain that others treat you with disrespect, instead of complaining and making them wrong, ask yourself,  in what ways am I disrespecting myself?

It takes courage to ask yourself that question. An external focus is the easy way out and inhibits your personal growth, keeps you stuck in the same old pattern.

If you pull in people that are unavailable, ask yourself in what ways are you unavailable to yourself. If the recurrent pattern is that you end up involved with partners who will not commit, look to discover whether or not you are committed to yourself.

In what ways do you let yourself down, fail to show up for yourself or put yourself low on the priority list?

Try completing this sentence stem. Try not to edit and censor. Others relate to me the same way I relate to myself when they…….

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