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What Not To Say

What Not to Say - Cheryl Woolstone Counselling Blog

There are a number of ways to blow it…

…Especially when your partner is upset about something – her job, your mother, his health, your relationship.

Here is what not to say or do when your partner  is upset…. Read more »

Quick Fixes For Broken Relationships?

Is A Quick Fix Possible For A Broken Relationship - Cheryl Woolstone Counselling Blog

Is there such a thing?

There are a number of behaviours that you can change which will have an instant impact on your relationship.

What do a few of the top researchers and clinicians say about what transforms a relationship from painful and confusing to connected and secure? Read more »

Closed Heart, Fixed Agenda

Closed Heart - Fixed Agenda - Cheryl Woolstone Counselling Blog

You can be right or you can be in relationship:

Take your pick.

Let go of the attachment of being right and suddenly your mind is more open. You can benefit from the unique viewpoints of others without being crippled and limited by your own judgment.

When we move away from the need to be right and the necessity to have our perspective dominate the relationship then we are ready to learn the art of validation. Read more »

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