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Is This Love Real?

Is This Love Real? - Cheryl Woolstone counselling Blog

How in the world do you answer this question?

Do you hold your breath and hope for the best or is there a way to determine if you are in a relationship that has substance, the kind of love that you can build a stable future on.

I have broken this down into 4 statements  to consider. If you can honestly say that you believe these statements then your relationship is likely to thrive. Take the test… Read more »

Your Love Is My Drug

Your Love Is My Drug - Cheryl Woolstone Counselling Blog

Everyone remembers the high of falling in love.

Your body is flooded with nature’s feel good chemicals. You want this blissful state to last forever.

Neuroscientists have found that after a period of 6 months to 2 years the brain stops producing these stimulating chemicals. Read more »

Why You Are Not Married

Why You're Not Married - Cheryl Woolstone Counselling Blog Post

Bold, straight-shooting and crass.

Tracy McMillan, writer for the hit TV show Mad Men, posted an article on Huffington Post which is sure to get a reaction.

Check out, Why You’re Not Married, and see if you agree with her points.

Unromantic Love Letter

The Most Unromantic Love Letter - Cheryl Woolstone Counselling Blog

Love is a decision and relationship is a choice.

This phrase struck me on a deeper level after reading a copy of a love letter sent to me by a colleague.

Take the time to read it. I guarantee you will look at your relationship in a different light. Read more »

What Is Your Love Language?

What Is Your Love Language - Cheryl Woolstone Counselling Blog

Why is she not moved by your efforts?

You took out the garbage and put down your BlackBerry but what she really wanted was a hug…that would have made the difference.

Your emotional love language and the language of your partner may be as different as French and Mandarin. Read more »

Love TKO

Love TKO - Cheryl Woolstone Counselling Blog

Don’t keep your guard up in a relationship.

If you do, you’re guaranteed to keep the love out, too.

When it comes to love, things are not always what they seem.

Why is it that you block the love  your partner is trying to give you? You say you want to feel close and be loved, but you behave in a way that guarantees you will not feel loved? Read more »

To Love Big, Think Small Everyday

To Love Big Think Small Every Day - Cheryl Woolstone Counselling Blog

Sustained repair and recovery takes little steps

It does not come in titanic waves, it is the small steady current that determines where the stream flows.

A full relationship recovery  is a quieter process. Relationships require a steady investment of time and emotional energy. Read more »

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