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Is This Love Real?

Is This Love Real? - Cheryl Woolstone counselling Blog

How in the world do you answer this question?

Do you hold your breath and hope for the best or is there a way to determine if you are in a relationship that has substance, the kind of love that you can build a stable future on.

I have broken this down into 4 statements  to consider. If you can honestly say that you believe these statements then your relationship is likely to thrive. Take the test… Read more »

All I Want Is A Little RESPECT

All I want is a little respect - Cheryl Woolstone Counselling Blog

Listen to Aretha Franklin

She captured the essence of what we are all looking for in our relationships – respect.

We use this word a lot. What does it really mean? How is a respectful relationship created?

In the first couples session I used to ask  “What needs to change in your relationship?” Read more »

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